Working Area

  • FAQ to 1616 Guadalupe (the new iSchool building) - Vivi Hoang (Summer 2009) (expanded on and moved to iSchool Wiki site)
  • Introduction to Web Standards - Doug Rice (Under Construction)
  • Creating a Web Presence: From choosing a template to working with CSS- Steph Beene (Under Construction)
  • Aptana Studio - a freeware alternative to Dreamweaver- Stephanie Beene (Spring-Summer 2009) (Under Construction)
  • Intro to XML - Stephanie Beene (Spring-Summer 2009) (Under Construction)
  • Intro to Linux/UNIX - Jessica Wood (Under construction)
  • Unix/Linux Shell Cheat Sheet - Carlos Ovalle (originally 2003, being updated 2010)
  • Intro to the IT Lab and the iSchool - Yongyi Zhou (Spring 2010) (Under Construction)
  • Sony Soundforge Tutorial (TK)
  • Audacity Tutorial (TK)
  • iMovie Tutorial (TK)

Tutorial Portal


This is a copy of Quinn's new vacation message tutorial embedded into Mediawiki using the dhflashplayer plugin and the jw flash player. The flv file lives in a directory on spyder and is not being streamed from our flash media server on aveo.

(link below no longer seems to work)

Get the Flash Player to see this player.

Testing: Just some tests here using templates and other excitement.