Styles in MS Word 2010


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Title:Styles in MS Word 2010
Creator:Jamie Swim

This tutorial is an introduction to using Styles in Microsoft Word 2010.

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Hi, thanks for joining today. I'm going to show you the basics of working with Styles in Microsoft Word 2010. What are styles? Styles are containers for text that have formatting pre-associated with them. They can be applied to a section of text in just one click.Why use styles? Styles can save you lots of time! Formatting as you go means changing aspects of every heading, every section, and every element of your document. Use styles for an unformatted document, or apply them as you create a document.
Let’s look at this unformatted document.  The way a lot of people are used to formatting is to select a section, such as this title. Click bold to make it bold. Click center to move this title.Change the size of the title to 24 so it's large.  Next I’d start formatting the first section. I’ll make a subtitle here with underline and make it all caps. Change the size to 18 so it's more noticeable. Next I'll move to the body. I’ll put an indent here. I’ll justify this paragraph.  Then I move on to the next section. I could continue this way for the entire document, using multiple steps to format individual elements of the document. This is called direct formatting.  I’m only a little way into this document and if I go up to this undo button I can see that I’ve already done 7 steps.  This could take quite a while. I’m going to undo the formatting on this document and use Styles to format the document instead.
Previously, I directly formatted this entire document and it took 38 steps to manually format. This took about 3 minutes.Let’s see how much time I can save if I use styles to format the document. First, I'll select all the text in the document by pressing the keys control+A. Click “body”in the styles pane to format the body of the text. Next select the title and apply “Title”. The subheadings need a “Heading” style. At the bottom of this document I have a quote which needs a “Quote” style. And I’m done. The whole document is completely formatted in just 7 actions for the entire document, and took about 11 seconds.
So what makes style so much faster? Because styles have formatting already associated with them, one click allows you to apply many attributes to your text all at the same time. Styles help you maintain consistency of formatting throughout your document. And Styles serve as building blocks for creating an accurate and self-updating Table of Contents for your document. Styles make it easy to make global changes throughout your document. We’ve just learned that styles can be a huge time saver instead of formatting a document manually, but this is just the beginning of what styles can do for you.
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