Quick and Dirty Email Forwarding and public html Setup Instructions

  1. On a Mac, from Terminal, type ssh login.ischool.utexas.edu, then enter username and password when prompted. Or, type ssh username@login.ischool.utexas.edu, then enter password. They're equivalent. On a PC, do SSH Client -> Quick Connect -> Type login.ischool.utexas.edu as host and your ischool username.
  2. After each of the commands below, press enter to make it happen! This is not obvious :)
  3. ls -a shows all files in the directory, including hidden files. Use this to see if there is a .forward file already.
  4. To have the ischool email forwarded to another email account, there needs to be a .forward file in the person's home directory.
  5. Type nano .forward (there is a space there) to either create this file or open it, if it already exists. (nano is a basic text editor)
  6. The .forward file should contain one line, consisting of the email address to be forwarded to.
  7. Press Ctrl+x to exit nano; it will prompt you to save the file (in the dark bar across the bottom). Press y to say yes, and enter when it asks to confirm that .forward is the filename you want.
  8. Do ls -a again to confirm that the file is there.
  9. Reminder: mkdir public_html creates the folder for publicly viewable web pages.