Printing with the plotter

Printing with the Plotter!

Printer: HP DesignJet 4500ps PS3.

It should show up under everyone's profile, but if not, you can use Technical Manager. There is a shortcut bookmarked to this in Technical Manager's Firefox.



  • Make sure to select printer: HP DesignJet 4500ps PS3
  • Page Size
  • Page Setup: It works best if you select the page size of the document, paper source and orientation before going to the print screen. Go to File > Page Setup...
  • For Page Source select Roll 1: 24 inches wide, coated paper or Roll 2: 42 inches wide, heavy coated paper. We don't want to use "any roll" or "automatically select" because we have different kinds of paper on each roll.
  • Under Orientation select Portrait or Landscape. You may wish to change the orientation of the file (eg: in pdf - Document > Rotate Pages) to the desired print orientation. There is an option to "auto rotate" in the print window, but it hasn't worked consistently.
  • In the Print window make sure Page Scaling is set to NONE (unless you actually do want scaling). Check "Auto-Rotate and Center." Properties: Paper/Quality tab > Print Quality. Dropdown: Select Normal (Final), Fast (Draft), or Best (Enhanced) as desired - Normal should be fine, especially since we're not using photo paper. Optimize for: select Drawings/Text or Images.
  • On the mac select "Finishing" and "Arch D" under the "Print Document On" section for a 24x36 poster.

Windows 7 Screenshots

This section is specific to printing capstone posters. Click the images to get bigger versions.

Overall print window
Overall print window
Printing Shortcuts tab
Printing Shortcuts tab
Color tab
Color tab
Paper/Quality tab
Paper/Quality tab

Windows 7 Tips

This section is specific to printing capstone posters.

  • On Print window, next to selected printer, click Properties (very slow to come up)
  • Important settings:
    • Auto-rotate and center is checked
    • Print color as black is unchecked
    • Document size is 24 x 36
    • Paper is Arch D - extended margins
    • Orientation is Landscape
    • Show preview before printing is unchecked (otherwise you get stuck needing a password from Shane/Carlos)

Printer/Plotter Management is where prints are managed, deleted, and recent prints can be viewed, among other things.


  1. Go to: (the plotter printer Web interface)
  2. Click on "Accounting"
  3. The top job there is the newest job. Look at the "Paper usage (ft^2)" number.
  4. Round to the nearest .5.
  5. Multiply that rounded number by 6.
  6. The resulting number is the number of 8-cent markings to mark off on a print card.

Here are two examples. A job used 4.01 square feet. We would round that to 4 square feet, and then multiply that by 6, giving us 24. We would mark off 24 8-cent markings (1 card + 11 on the next card). The next job used 3.35 square feet. We'd round that to 3.5. Multiply by 6, we get 21. We'd mark off 21 8-cent marking.

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