Intro to the IT Lab and the iSchool

You pay for the School of Information’s Information Technology Lab, so please feel free to take advantage of its many resources. We’ve got areas for groups to meet, a media room for recording sound and a quiet room. You’re also welcome to bring your lunch and eat at the large tables in the lab.


I need help! Who do I turn to?

Grab one of the Purpleshirts, the IT Lab teaching assistants. (We picked the color so you could spot us easily.) Our job is to help you, so don’t be shy.

The Thursday night special
The Thursday night special

How can I reach you?

Location: UTA 1.210
Web site:
Phone: 512-471-3991

When are you open?

Monday - Thursday - 8:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Friday - 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Saturday - noon to 6 p.m.
Sunday - 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.
We are closed for winter break, spring break and most intersession periods. Check our web site for latest hours.

Good stuff to know

How do I print?

To send documents to the IT Lab laser printers, follow the usual protocol of File → Print. To print black & white, select HP LaserJet 4510 Series PCL6. To print in color, select the Dell Color Laser 5110cn PCL6. Both printers are located behind the lab staff desk. Both printers will print single-sided by default.

How do I pay for printing?

Buy a print card at the print card stamp machine near the lab staff desk. They are $1 each. Stick your four quarters in the coin slots OR stick your $1 bill in the hole in the back of the machine labeled, “Yes, this one.” (Yes, very low-tech.) Each print card has 13 numbered circles. For every black-and-white page you print out, a Purpleshirt will mark off a circle. Color pages are two marks. (We encourage double-sided prints, which cost the same as single-sided ones.) You are responsible for paying for every printout you make, even mistakes. Unfortunately, we do not accept print cards purchased from PCL or elsewhere on campus.

How do I print double-sided and only in black and white?

On a Mac, select the color printer (HP LaserJet4510 Series PCL6) as your printer. Click the blue arrow button beside “Copies & Pages” and choose Layout → Two-sided → Long-edge binding. Then choose Printer Features → Output Color → Black.

On a PC, select HP LaserJet4510 Series PCL6 as your printer. Click on Properties. Select Properties → Two-sided (Duplex) Printing → Flip on long edge.

What comes with my iSchool account?

You get 100 megabytes of mail storage space and 150 megabytes of file server space, which you can use to store data as well as to host a web site. You can use the application SSH or any FTP client to access your space. For more on SSH, check our tutorials.

Is there any place I can store my stuff?

Around the corner from the IT Lab and the mailboxes is a wall of blue lockers. Anyone can use these. Throw a lock on one and claim it for your own.

Is there a school kitchen I can use?

The iSchool kitchen is across from the Paper Lab, inside the student lounge in UTA 1.510. It’s got a fridge (where you’re welcome to store your lunch), a sink, microwaves, dishes and cutlery for you to use. This is no code on the door. SASI provides a tea station stocked with teas of all sorts, as well as, sweeteners and milk. (The milk for tea is marked "SASI.") There are also two electric tea kettles for heating water.

How do I stay updated with what’s going on in the iSchool?

Subscribe to The Insider, the iSchool’s official listserv. And join the Flipsider for more informal chat, like selling your books and YouTube mentions.


Stuff we have in the lab

  • 19 PCs
  • 5 Macs
  • 13 Macs/PCs (in the Quiet Room; toggle to switch between the two)
  • 1 Linux
  • Printing: black and white, color, double-sided
  • VCR and TV equipment (as well as software to convert VHS movies to DVD)
  • Microphones (many of the headphones also have microphones on them)
  • Software
  • Scanners
  • Reference books
  • Files and reserve material set aside by professors for students

Stuff we have that can be checked out

  • PC and Mac laptops (7 days) — all have wi-fi capability
  • digital video camcorders (2 days)
  • digital voice recorders (3 days)
  • tripods and mini-tripods (3 days)
  • Firewire drives (for in-lab use)

Checkout procedure

Fill out the form at You still need to fill out a paper checkout slip that we keep on file in the lab, so have your UTeid card handy. Pick up your equipment after 2 p.m. on the first day you’ve reserved it. Please return it by noon the day it’s due. To request a renewal, bring the equipment to the lab and speak with a Purpleshirt.


Short courses

The Purpleshirts teach hour-long courses on a variety of topics, including how to scan a document, how to get started on a web site and how to get the most out of Microsoft Word. These classes are designed to help you with skills you’ll need in your courses. Visit to view and sign up short courses. If there’s something you want to learn, let us know!

Online tutorials

We’ve also posted many tutorials online. Most include PDF handouts and some even have video content.

One-on-One sessions

If something specific is really stumping you or if you’ve got a particular project you’re working on, like a web portfolio, another option is scheduling a one-on-one with a Purpleshirt for help. E-mail the lab at to see who might be able to help. Be sure to include your availability. Check out the Purpleshirts’ specialities at

Additional resources

  • IT Lab FAQ - Lots more details on lab policies and offerings, your iSchool account and web design.
  • SASI FAQ - If you’re in the iSchool, then you’re automatically a member of SASI, the Student Association of the School of Information. Check out SASI’s FAQ for useful info on parking, nearby places to eat, and resources around the UT campus.
  • iSchool account tutorial - Learn how to sign up for your iSchool account, access your iSchool e-mail and server space from a PC or Mac and prep your account for hosting a web site.
  • Webspace tutorial - In addition to your iSchool account, you get 1 gigabyte of Webspace storage from UT. You can use your Webspace to store and share files as well as publish a web page. Go to and log in with your UT EID.

Last updated April 20, 2009