Migrating email folders to UTmail using Thunderbird


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Title:Migrating email folders to UTmail using Thunderbird
Publisher:School of Information
Creator:Philip Jones

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Hello, and welcome to another iSchool tutorial.
Right now, we're going to take a look at how to move messages from one email account to another using the Thunderbird mail app.
This method is very slow if you're trying to move over lots of messages from one email account to another
however, it maintains the folder structure you already have set up.
If you're moving into an @utexas account like I am, your other option is to use POP.
POP is very fast at bringing all of your messages over; however, it does NOT get the folder structure and filing that you have already set up.
If you have a lot of folders and want to maintain them, this is the method I would recommend.
I currently already have set up my @ischool and @utexas email accounts with Thunderbird.
If you don't already have those set up with Thunderbird or another mail client, take a look at one of our other tutorials on how to do so now.
The method to move messages over from one account to another is very simple.  We're going to take my iSchool account right here.  I'm going to click on the drop down to see all of the folders I have set up.
We're going to start off taking a look at the Inbox because it's different from the other email folders.  Select your Inbox in the account you're moving from.  For me, I'm moving from my @ischool account to my @utexas.edu account.
In the Inbox, we're going to select the first message in the window.  On a PC, we're going to hit control A, or on a mac we're going to hit command A.
This will highlight all of the messages in your Inbox.  At this point we're going to right click on any of those messages.  After right clicking, we want to go down to "Move to".
From "Move to", we'll move over to the right and we want to highlight the account where we want the messages to go.  Once we've highlighted that account we should get a final window over to the right where we're going to select Inbox
Since we want these messages in our other Inbox.  If you want them to move to a different folder, you're welcome to select another one as well.
At the bottom of the Thunderbird window we'll now get a progress message showing up 
It's copying messages to the Inbox. In this case, there's just 47 so it will be very quick.  Let's move on.
For each of your remaining folders the process is going to be exactly the same.  I'm going to select a large folder.
In this case one with 3006 messages, which is large for this account for me.
You can see your message count in the bottom right corner of the THunderbird window when you have any folder highlighted.
For each of your folders, click and hold on the folder you want to move over, then drag down to the header, the title of your other email account, then release the mouse.
Thunderbird will now give us two different ways to track the messages being moved over.
It's going to give us a counter in addition to a progress bar on the right.
The progress bar may vary, as you see mine is now showing full when it certainly has not moved over all 3006 messages.
That progress bar indicates each individual message that is being brought over. 
The counter is what you want to pay attention to.  When that has completed, that messages of "Copying message x of however many to where you want it to go."
That's what you want to pay attention to.  I do not recommend getting more than one or two folders copying at the same time.
At a certain point you're email client is going to freak out, and it is going to stop working for you.
And then you will have to figure out, either how many messages it has moved over to try to pick up at that point, or delete everything it's already copied and start over for that folder.
But that's it.  It's a simple drag and drop process.  Once you've gotten through each and every one of your folders, you'll be done.
It is just definitely time consuming if you have a lot of folders.
But congratulations and best of luck.  If you have any questions, give us a holler.
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