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Title:Signing up for The Insider and Flipsider
Creator:Sarah D'Antonio

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This tutorial will teach you how to sign up for The Insider, one of the iSchool’s listservs.  The Insider is the official listserv of the iSchool and is a great way to keep abreast of relevant articles, job postings, information about conferences and scholarships, and news about University and iSchool events.
In order to sign up, navigate to the UT Lists webpage,  I've already started here.  It's easiest to search for the listserv by name, so scroll down to the bottom and type in "The Insider" in the search box and click on "search lists."  Then click on "The Insider." Here you'll find a description of the list and rules for posting.  On the left-hand sidebar click "subscribe" and then "okay."  And then type the address of where you want the posts to go.  It is important to recognize that while I'm using an iSchool email address, you can sign up with any email address you'd like.  Then click "submit."
This next screen informs us that a message will be sent to our email address containing a password.  This is just to make sure that humans are signing up for the list. So let's log in to our email, and look four our password.  Subscribing to The Insider - here's my password - I'll just copy and paste.  Then click "subscribe."
There are a few other important lists to in order to stay informed.  The process for joining them is identical to signing up for The Insider, which was just did, only you'll search for different names in the search box from before. There's The Flipsider, which is used for less formal postings, like text book sales, non-school related groups, and those funny, but unrelated YouTube videos. The Career Information for Master of Science in Information Studies Students list is run by the Career Service Office and is an excellent way to get updates on the newest job and internship postings. Lastly, the School of Information Master's Students list is another great way to know about iSchool news.
A few more interesting things to note about The Insider's page is that there is an "Unsubscribe" option on the left sidebar should you feel your inbox is too cluttered or the listserv is just not for you. There's also an "Archive" option that you can click on that will show you all the previous posts.  You can search for them by keyword or by chronologically. Finally, there is a "Post" feature, which allows you to write posts from this webpage; however, you can just email from your subscribing email and have your information posted that way.
After signing up you will officially be one of the most well-informed students walking around the iSchool.
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Signing up for The Insider
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