How to Setup a Sent Mail Folder in Webmail


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Hello. This tutorial will show you how to setup a sent mail box in your Webmail account.
To begin, go to
Next, choose the server
Now enter your username. 
Next enter your password. 
Hit log-in.
Once you have logged in to your current account, you can see your folders by looking at the left side bar.
You will notice that you do not have a sent mail folder.
Next, click on the options tab.
From there, click on personal information.
Next scroll. Check save sent mail.
Next click save options.
You will now be at the options for mail screen. Click on the refresh button.
You should now see a sent mail folder in the left side bar.
To make sure that the sent mail box is working, you may choose to send a test message to yourself.
In order to do this, click on new message. Enter your e-mail address in the new message.
In the subject line type "test message."  In the text type, " me." Next hit the send message tab.
Now return to the inbox and hit the refresh button. You should see your test message in the inbox.
Now, let's make sure that it was saved to your sent folder.  Click on sent mail. Here we see a copy of the test message. Thank you for completing this tutorial.
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Create sent mail folder
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