Getting your iPhone on

A few iSchool iPhone users have had problems connecting to and this page documents what has so far proven to be a successful fix to this issue. This should not be confused with the official UT guides on how to connect your iPhone to the campus wireless network,, but we have noticed:

a) that ITS has multiple sets of instructions on how to connect your iPhone to this network with slight variations in each one and

b) that people who follow these instructions (any of them) can sometimes end up with their phone in a state where it will not connect to the network even after installing the profile.

  • It is possible for the iPhone to get into a state where it cannot accept the profile regardless of whether or not you're following any one of ITS's sets of instructions.
  • When your phone is in this state you will notice that seems to keep connecting and re-connecting over and over again and/or you may notice that the selection of of in your wireless networks setting prompts you to re-login using your EID and password.

If this is happening to you:

  1. Delete the profile you installed
  2. Tell your iPhone to "forget"
  3. Reset your iPhone's network properties
  4. Connect your iPhone to
  5. Open Safari and select "Set up now"
  6. Log in with your UTEID and password
  7. Click on the "Install Profile" link
  8. Enter your EID password when prompted during the profile installation
  9. When you click done your phone should automatically connect to restricted