Creating categories in the Tutorials wiki will allow for easier, more intuitive navigation for users.

Creating Categories

To create a category, go to the page you want in a category and hit the "Edit" button. In the Wiki Text Editor, type
[[Category:YourCategoryName]] (e.g., [[Category:Tutorials]])
and save the page. When the newly edited page reloads, your category will appear with a link at the top of the screen. The link will remain red and "uncreated" until you enter some text into the Wiki Text Editor for the category's page. Even "uncreated" without the descriptive text, however, it will still display whatever pages you associate with it.

Nesting Categories

To nest categories, simply edit a category's page with the same kind of tag you'd use on other pages. Entering
in a category page will list it as a subcategory on the Tutorials page. You can list both pages and categories under multiple pages.

Conventions (Tentative)

So far, I've been trying to restrict the number of "floating" pages in categories with subcategories. If this proves to be inconvenient then there's no reason to do it the other way; this just looks cleaner. Also, if you place everything in a subcategory, you can link it to multiple categories without getting messy and having to redo it on every page in the subcategory.

Note from 03/04/2011: I went through the list of about 70 pages without categories and categorized them all. I may have missed listing some of them as "Tutorials" but I think I managed to get all of them.

Problems and Questions

  • Is there any way to remove subcategories from the "Categories" page? It seems that if there are any items in a category, it will be on the general Categories page, which makes having subcategories at all redundant and is confusing.
  • What about a way to show the nested subcategories at the top of each page? i.e., if something is in the "Powerpoint" category, the top will have:

Categories -> Programs -> Microsoft Office -> Powerpoint

as a set of links, to navigate backward through categories.

  • Will be a lot easier on the eyes when we work on splash images for the tutorials.
  • Poor listing of lots of subcategories/files on the Tutorials page - if we're going to use it as the front page it's not going to be very intuitive at all.