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Title:Back Up Your Gmail Account
Creator:Brooke Everett

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This tutorial will show you how to back up your gmail account using Mozilla Thunderbird.
Thunderbird is a free, open source mail client.
 You can use a mail client like Thunderbird or Outlook to manage your entire email account, if you want.
 But today we are just going to be using it to make a copy of your web-based account.  
So we can get started by going to the Mozilla Thunderbird’s website.  
And then we'll download and install Thunderbird, following the directions on the download page.
Next type your name, full email address, and the password associated with your email account.  
Click continue, and select the button beside IMAP. And click Create Account.
Now that your emails are downloading, we’ll customize some of the settings in order to allow you to continue to access your email from any computer, but easily back-up the current form of your email inbox and folders.
So we'll start byclicking on Tools->Account Settings-> Synchronization & Storage: Select the buttons beside “Synchronize all messages locally regardless of age” and “Don’t delete any messages.”  Click OK.
Go back to Tools->Account Settings->Disk Space: Select the button next to “Don’t delete any messages.” Click OK.
If you want to back up the attachments that were emailed to you, go to Tools > Options->Advanced->General tab, and click on Config Editor
Promise to be careful.
In the filter box, type mail.server.default.mime_parts_on_demand and double click to change the value to false.
Note that large email account storage can be a problem.  
You can deselect any folders which you don't need to back up, to save some space on your hard drive.  
To do this click File ->Subscribe-> deselect the folders that you do not want to back up.  Click OK.
Now that you have Thunderbird set up, you can easily keep the current form of your gmail account backed up by periodically signing in to Thunderbird on your computer and allowing it time to synchronize and to download new emails.  
If your gmail account is ever hacked, do NOT enter your password into Thunderbird because this will sync the local copy with the hacked account.  
As long as you bypass logging in, your emails are still safe on your computer.
Congratulations on taking the time to help protect your records.
Dock windowTable of contents
Introduction and downloading Thunderbird
Link Thunderbird to gmail account
Customize Thunderbird for Backing Up
Ensure ALL emails are backed up
Back up attachments
Customize selection of folders for back up
Updating the back-up