30 Sites in 30 Minutes


Thirty Sites in Thirty Minutes

Sandra Sweat, PurpleShirts
Spring 2015

Sites that are useful to know as a student at the iSchool.


GitHub: assist with software development.
Stackoverflow: question and answers for programming queries.
Search Engine Watch: learn the jargon of SEO (search engine optimization)
Wired: pop-culture view on tech.
MIT Technology Review: academic view on tech.
rs.io: unusual data sets.
Data Driven Documents: data based visualizations.
Usability.gov: guidelines for usability. Forms available for putting together a usability proposal.


iSchool Tutorials: collection of tutorials focused on iSchool student's needs.
Khan Academy: tutorials on computer science and beyond.
Tutorial Zine: easy to follow information about web development.
Lynda: professional development video based resource. Currently free to students with a UTEID. Login through university.
Programming Basics: great entry level programming gamified website.
Codecademy: tutorials and short guided projects in programming.
W3 Schools: resource for web-development.
University Blog Service: get practice with wordpress and start your online portfolio.
TechSmith Tutorials:short tutorials on how to use Camtasia.
MySQL Manual: My SQL syntax reference.


Axure RP: rapid prototyping software.
SAS University Edition: free software analytic software.
BevoWare: free, secure program downloads from UT Austin.
Thingiverse: 3D printing repository.
MakeAGif: make a GIF.


Creative Commons: learn about copyright and freedom to share.
Citation Machine: make sure you don't plagiarize.
WayBack Machine: archived views of the web.
LibraryThing: be your own librarian. Plus the IT lab has one too: IT Lab Library!
Project Gutenberg: like books, so do they.
WorldCat: THE library network.